Authorities rank EXO as the 5th most influential entity in Kpop

2013 has been the year of EXO. They had their very 1st comeback and their popularity exploded all over the K-Pop scene.

They’ve almost sold over a million copies of their album “XOXO” this year, they’ve won triple crowns from M! Countdown, Inkigayo, and Show Music Core, and their fanbase has grown massively.

So it’s no surprise that authorities in the Korean entertainment industry ranked them as one of the top 10 most influential entities in K-Pop.

Daily Sports conducted a survey trying to figure out the 10 most influential brands in the Korean music industry. They asked 200 authorities in the entertainment industry to help them make the selection, with each authority figure given the option to vote 3 times.

Authorities rank EXO as the 5th most influential entity in K-Pop

42 authority figures gave EXO their votes, ranking EXO as the 5th most influential entity in the K-Pop industry.

According to those authority figures, EXO has been a group they’ve kept their eyes on. They’ve seen huge success with the release of their 1st full-album and with their songs “Wolf” and “Growl“. They’ve done well on variety shows, and are frequently the most buzzed about idols.

According to SM Entertainment’s president, Kim Young Min,

“I think it was a combination of good songs like “Wolf” and “Growl,” EXO’s high level of performance, and the effort put in by all of the members. Specifically, we tried to set EXO apart from everyone else.  The Korean and Chinese subgroups, EXO-Kand EXO-M, also debuted separately and were doing promotional activities in both countries, and their popularity in both Korea and China has become huge. I hope you watch for EXO’s continued growth in the future.”

To be ranked as the Top 10 most influential entities in K-Pop is a huge honor for EXO, especially since they’re still rookies in the industry. They’re expected to one of the most popular group in the K-Pop industry for years to come.

Congrats to EXO for ranking so high. I’m sure they’ll receive a lot of praise from their fans. They’ll probably receive a bunch of hate from netizens, but who cares? That just means they’ve become a huge icon.

Source: Soompi